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Financial Action, Inc. (FAi) was founded in 2004 as a fee-only investment advisory firm.  Believing in more than commissions and limited investment options, FAi felt investing was a personal endeavor that needed to be supported by education and fiduciary responsibility.  FAi gained industry recognition for its low fee advisory platform as well as its online financial planning and retirement plan assistance collaboration programs.

Today, FAi offers financial planning and investment advisory solutions, which are the bedrock of its existence.  Moving forward our team has found great value for industry advisors by offering a platform for Financial Professionals that are interested in all that RIA Independence has to offer.

By talking with and welcoming brokers from banks, wire houses and insurance companies FAi is able to offer increased investment options, our Advisors for Advisors support team, financial planning software and much, much more.

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Planning, advisory solutions, insurance and advisor independence.

Charles Schwab is our custodian.  That means monies are held with well known and reputable establishment.  An extremely important detail when considering a financial adviser.

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